Crypto Maneki NekoNFTs

"Crypto Maneki Neko" is an original illustration NFTs (non-fungible token) by @burnworks (designer, Tokyo Japan).

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What's Maneki-Neko?

The Lucky Cats of Japan

"Maneki-neko" is a traditional Japanese figurine that is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Every Maneki-neko is Unique

Finally, there will be a total of 222 types of Maneki-neko collection.

Types Body Color
Types Collar
Types Rare Feature

Why 222 types?

Nyā Nyā Nyā

A cat's meow is called "Nyā" in Japanese.

"Nyā" is pronounced similar to the Japanese number "2".

In other words "Nyā Nyā Nyā" is "222".

About Us

"Crypto Maneki Neko" is burnworks's NFT Project.

  • Yoshiki Kato @burnworks

    Designer, Tokyo Japan

    All illustrations are done by me.

    I started this project because I love to collect Maneki Neko figurines.